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Parks on Oahu

Ala Moana Beach Park
Ala Moana Beach Park

Whether you’re craving a great outdoor workout spot, want to enjoy a leisurely picnic in the park, or just people-watch when it gets busy, the Ala Moana Beach Park is a great destination. With a little something for everyone, this large park in the heart of Honolulu is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Magic Island (part of Ala Moana Beach Park) has some truly amazing views of Waikiki Beach in the foreground and Diamond Head in the background. There are often all sorts of activities going on throughout the day, from fitness boot camps to groups of people practicing tai chi or yoga.

Palm trees with Diamondhead in the background
Kapiolani Park

Kapiolani Park draws visitors for its beautiful expanse of greeny and grassy lawns as well as its sports facilities open to the public. The park has an archery range, basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, and is home to the Honolulu Cricket Club, the only one of its kind in the Hawaiian Islands and the oldest sporting club in the Pacific.

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