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Popular Beaches on Oahu

catamaran Waikiki
Waikiki Beach

Most popular amongst tourists, you'll find beach-goers of all ages and interests frolicking in the water or lounging about on the sand, soaking up the warm island sun. Waikiki Beach is great for swimming and surfing, with many vendors offering board lessons. There are also numerous stretches of small parks and pavilions that line the beach, with plenty of space for all sorts of outdoor activities.

beach couple
Kaimana Beach

Kaimana Beach, also known as Sans Souci, is a wide expanse that offers a welcoming ocean bottom both shallow and sandy. Protected by a reef, it's also an access point for surfers who paddle out at the popular surf spot Old Man's. The current can be strong, so wear fins if you plan to swim further out.

Ala Moana Beach Park
Ala Moana Beach Park

Whether you’re craving a great outdoor workout spot, picnic, or just people-watch when it gets busy, the Ala Moana Beach Park is a great destination. With a little something for everyone, this large park in the heart of Honolulu is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. There are often all sorts of activities going on throughout the day, from fitness boot camps to groups of people practicing tai chi or yoga.

Waikiki Beach
Kuhio Beach

This is a great place for young and inexperienced swimmers to enjoy the warm tropical waters of Waikiki beaches. This beach also features more sand and less of the rocky coral reefs found further west along the Waikiki strand. Kuhio Beach has all park amenities including restrooms, showers, and picnic tables on grassy lawns. Local vendors have a variety of water sport equipment available for rent.

Laniakea Beach

Often called “Turtle Beach”, Laniakea is your best bet for an up close and personal experience with the rare and endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, called “Honu” by locals. These beautiful sea creatures flock to Laniakea because of the plentiful seaweed (called “limu”).

Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach

During the warm, calm summer months, Sunset Beach is a great family destination for anyone looking to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. This beautiful stretch of one of Hawaii largest beaches is even more popular during the winter, where you'll find surfers waiting for the perfect waves during surf competitions.

Waimea Bay
Waimea Bay Beach Park

A must-see no matter the season! If you’re lucky enough to visit Hawaii in the summer, the Waimea Bay Beach Park is an ideal, calm spot with white sandy beaches, perfect for picnics, snorkeling, and swimming. If you find yourself here in the winter, you will stand awestruck at walls of surf towering twenty to forty feet high, conquered by only the most courageous and intrepid surfers.

kailua beach
Kailua Beach

Less than an hour outside of Waikiki, Kailua Beach is popular with locals for its half mile of soft white sand, turquoise water and gentle breezes, and is consistently rated one of the best beaches in America. Here you can learn to windsurf, body board, kayak or parasail, explore the dive shops and beachwear boutiques located near the beach, or just enjoy a picnic in one the area’s many shaded spots.

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