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Go hiking on Oahu

diamond head
Diamond Head State Monument

Hawaii’s most famous and most photographed landmark, located just beyond Waikiki, is Diamond Head State Monument. An early morning hike up the 760-foot crater, which was used as a strategic military lookout in the early 1900s, is a perfect way to watch the sunrise over Oahu. The hike is moderately challenging, and includes a trek over 175 steps to the summit.

makapuu trail
Makapuu Lighthouse Hike

Anchoring the eastern most point of Oahu is the Makapuu Point Lighthouse, built in 1909 on a 600-foot sea cliff overlooking beautiful Makapuu Beach. It's a two-mile paved trail leading you to gorgeous views of Oahu’s Windward Coast, Molokai and two smaller islands, Manana (also known as Rabbit Island) and Kaohikaipu. In the winter months you might spot whales, using the on-site telescopes.

waimea valley
Waimea Valley Nature Park

Enjoy an invigorating hike to the top of Kalahee Ridge in the Waimea Valley nature park. Waimea, also known as the “Valley of the Priests,” features numerous botanical gardens and more than 70 archaeological sites. Guests can hike, enjoy a leisurely stroll of the gardens, re-enact Hawaiian warrior games, or take a dip in the pond fed by the Waimea Falls.

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